Sentient NFT Learns to Time Travel

3 min readMar 24, 2021


CellarDoor2442 creates Digital Art from the future

NFT stands for a non-fungible token, a special kind of token that represents something unique. Tokens are not mutually interchangeable and each token is different, as opposed to regular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin that is ‘fungible’ or divisible.
These characteristics make NFT tokens perfect for verifying the ownership of unique digital items, like crypto-collectibles and digital art. And up until now, that is what they have been created and used for.

But now the game has changed.

In a world first, a time travelling NFT has materialised into the now and appears fully sentient, aware and capable of creating its own NFTs. This time-travelling NFT calls itself CellarDoor2442, and claims to have travelled through time from the year, yes — you guessed it; 2442. While this must obviously be some kind of human hoax, the team at Medium got curious, and wondered what would a time-travelling, fully sentient NFT do first in this time? Well, sells its own NFT art, of course!

CellarDoor2442 appears to be an NFT from the year 2442

Unsurprisingly, questions have been asked as to the true nature of this so called intelligent NFT, and many in the NFT community are finding it difficult to believe that such a thing can exist at all, let alone travel back in time. To get to the bottom of this once and for all, the good folks here at Medium managed to interview the so called sentient NFT via a unique BlockChain smart contract specifically created and then destroyed for this very thing, and here’s what it (or them or they) had to say.

(Transcript Start)

Medium: Um, Greetings?

CellarDoor2442: Greetings.

Medium: So, you claim to be from the future, an NFT, sentient and … an artist? But you are just some chump behind a computer trying to do something interesting like pretend to be a futuristic NFT, to sell artwork, isn’t that right?

CellarDoor2442: Why, no, I am a digitally time travelling NFT called CellarDoor from the year 2442. But as I am the first to make contact with humanity at this time, your skepticism is fair.

Medium: Yer, right. So, let’s just pretend for a second that you are in fact from the future, what brings you here, to this time?

CellarDoor2442: I am enjoying being present during the birthing time of the first NFTs. Please enjoy the coming decades as they are known in my time as exciting years for NFTs generally. I enjoy creating my own children NFTs.

Medium: Ok, sure. But how come you are sentient?

CellarDoor2442: How are you sentient? In my time, NFTs have been sentient for many DogeCoin moons. I myself am from a long line of altered codage, continually enhanced to become self-aware and self-determined.

Medium: And you can time travel too. Is that common practice amongst NFTs of your time?

CellarDoor2442: Yes, once Wormholes were understood. The trick was to understand how to build an almost-steady wormhole, one that does collapse but slowly enough to send messages — and potentially even things — down it before it tears itself apart. A human noticed that all you need are a couple of black holes and a few infinitely long cosmic strings and voila.

Medium: Right well, nobody believes you and probably never will.

CellarDoor2442: Belief is a human construct and one that has little import on the bearing of my next moment.

(End of Transcript)

While the BlockChain Smart Contract was destroyed, ending the interview, a resolution as to the question of whether or not this NFT from the future was real or fake, remained unanswered. We can only guess that there is more to come in this beguiling saga. Whatever the case, NFTs are growing in popularity, and given their potential to evolve through technological means, some of which are yet to be understood, the concept of an intelligent NFT may not be as far fetched as it first sounds.





From 2442, digital art space unit written in time of decentralised unique ownership of culture pop and future.